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image-ad-omaha-video-production-stern-prIf you own a business or represent an organization, here’s a little friendly advice. You NEED Video! Without a doubt, in this day and age of short attention spans, video is the quickest way to lure someone to read your website, pick up the phone or visit your brick-and-mortar business. Innovator Stern PR Marketing™ recommends all clients invest in an Omaha video production which will, without a doubt, take your business to a higher level.

Video Uses Aplenty | Boosts Google Rank!

Air your video on TV/Cable. In the boardroom. At a trade show or convention. On the home page of your website – smart for search engine optimization.”I’m one of the first in Omaha to suggest Omaha Video Production to catapult your business ranking on Google, Bing and Yahoo,” emphasizes Susan Stern.

Stern PR
Quality Omaha Video Production

If you want quality HD, Stern PR is a great choice. “With over a decade of on-air broadcast journalism experience, I approach each Omaha video production with a newsworthy and creative eye. Few can say they can do that. We, here at Stern PR Marketing can do great Omaha Video production”,  said Susan Stern.

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Omaha Videography Done Right!

(Omaha, NE) — You got to stay current! Stern PR Marketing is deeply committed to obtaining continious education aimed at fine-tuning all aspects of advertising, marketing, PR and journalism!

Susan Stern has just completed learning advanced Omaha Video Production techniques – self-taught education. “I just spent 25 hours of intensive, hands-on training on how to create 21st Century titling effects & bottom 2/3rd techniques. This education is absolutely essential to take to a higher level – my Omaha Video Production company. This allows me to provide my clients with better-looking Omaha Corporate Video Production & TV & Internet Commercials. Fortunately, client, Snell Heating & AC, an Omaha-area HVAC Company, is the first to benefit from the advanced 3d effects, transitions and titling:

Susan Stern also created a new animated Stern PR outro to be placed at tail-end of Omaha Videography projects – using these newly-acquired advanced skills:

Few people realize the labor-intensive effort of putting together a creative, stand-out Omaha video production for TV or internet. It takes hours to complete with each video frame manually manipulated and produced to perfection. “I’ve been doing Omaha Video Production, starting with TV news stories since 1991, followed by commercial production. It takes a keen, highly creative eye to do it. Many Omaha videographers slap productions together with not much thinking OR used a canned approach,” notes Susan Stern, an Omaha Marketing Consultant.

No wonder companies comes to me for Omaha videography. I am a one-person Omaha area Video production shop. I create commercials at a higher standard,” remarks the Omaha videographer.

“What sets apart Stern PR Marketing Video Production from the rest – is easy. I tend to handle all on & offline marketing for my clients – so, unlike an outsider with one task to do, I’m intimately knowledgable about my clients products and services – since I handle it all. That translates into exceptional Omaha Commercial script-writing and video production.”

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Susan Stern Stern PR | Video Commercials Drive Site Traffic

By Susan L. Stern

(Omaha, NE) — Video, video, video – one powerful solution to drive quality traffic to your Omaha business website. Post the video on your website home page, use during a sales pitch, in the boardroom and at conventions. Internet Video Marketer Stern PR™ helps catapult Omaha business websites to the search engine forefront by creating a custom video commercial & posting it in mass – on a monthly basis – to social media sites beyond just youtube. “I highly recommend video SEO to all my clients. Internet Video Commercials are one of the most important SEO techniques,” notes Susan Stern, Stern PR Omaha.

The benefits are many. It’s highly effective:

  • Increase website traffic
  • Establish trust & credibility
  • Summarize company products/services
  • Individuals prefer video versus reading text

“Nowadays, search engines give more credit when video is used. Google, Bing and Yahoo list your website higher when you utilize video on your homepage. Omaha business Video marketing is a potent tool that nets results. Plus, it’s ahead-of-the-trend SEO, not to mention business savvy, to post a video commercial on a company website,” remarks Susan Stern.

At the right price, Stern PR™ Omaha creates a HDTV high-quality, informative Omaha video commercial productions which target a company’s demographic. Should a business owner opt to run the commercial on broadcast TV/cable, Susan Stern shall handle the specifications, media buying & placement on your company behalf.

On the internet, Omaha video producer Marketer Susan Stern crafts the video description and tags using industry keywords. She organizes the video in the correct category, while promoting the video spot – on social media sites galore. Posting the video commercial on your website is an excellent way to drive quality traffic there.

“Video is one powerful piece of the pie to increase a website’s search engine position!” emphasizes Susan Stern.

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Corporate Video Advantages Galore

A successful Omaha business Image marketing campaign is all about proper presentation – name-branding, building & maintenance of your organization’s image. One puzzle piece. Corporate video by Stern PR™ in Omaha! Video internet marketing is also key to a successful SEO internet marketing campaign, i.e., to build and maintain your website ranking on Google, Bing & Yahoo search engines.

Via video, share your business mission, principles & showcase products & services.

Stern PR™ tells your company story. Eye-catching videography. Ear-pleasing music, voice-over & great copy. Build trust & integrity. “In this day, with technology king – people prefer to watch video. In fact, Forbes Insight released a study in December 2010 which found that 59% of senior executives prefer to watch video instead of reading text, if both are available on the same page. So, after they’re impressed with said video, they’ll then read your website, call for a quote, schedule a meeting and/or visit your showroom,” emphasizes Omaha Marketer Susan Stern.

Stern PR™ uses High Definition. Notes Susan, “You lose credibility if your video looks like public access TV. Poor light & audio, terrible copy, blah blah. Seriously, this job goes to the professionals.” You’ll pay less, receive more. Why? Marketer Susan Stern handles all tasks single-handedly: research, videography, voice-over, additional talent hiring (if need be), corporate photography, graphic design, lighting, editing, script-writing – the works.

Video is a must-have! Woo would-be customers. Close the deal! Run the marketing video on your website home page. During a trade show. In the board room. On an in-house monitor. During a sales pitch.

Stern PR™ gives video mass exposure via SEO. Drive high-quality foot & website traffic. Yes, Video SEO done by Stern PR™ nets results!

Notes Susan “I recommend at least quarterly video SEO to maintain search engine ranking position.”

Contact Susan Stern of Stern PR™ for Omaha video commercial production, training videos, educational videos, corporate videos, mini how to videos, internet video & SEO. Serving Omaha, Elkhorn, Bennington, Fremont, Bellevue, all of Nebraska, Iowa & surrounding states.”

Stern PR™. Serious Strategy. Really!

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Susan Stern Stern PR | Video of Services 2012

By Susan L. Stern

(Omaha, NE) — The wait is no more! The Stern PR™ Susan Stern 2012 video of services is here! Yes, the reviews of Susan Stern and Stern PR’s portfolio of services are very positive!

Every year, Omaha Marketing Consultant Susan Stern unveils a public portfolio showcasing the wide variety of projects to be proud of. Reminder. Omaha’s Stern PR™ offers everything that a business needs in terms of Omaha Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations & Journalism – on & offline.

“People don’t care, and may not realize the labor-intensive effort for creative & SEO-friendly video production the Stern PR™ way – done right! For example. For my own production, it took 60+ hours. Creatively. I start by shooting the video with a professional grade, high-definition & high-resolution video camera. I do same with high-resol still cam. Then, I transfer to my computer – a custom high ram, best processor, highest storage capability on-the-market 2012, an all-in-one touch-screen, flat screen, best graphics card desk top. And, no, it’s not a MAC. It’s a grand PC. Yet. reasonably priced. An IBM company created-system, on a side note.

Back to Video 101 by Stern PR™. I first choose the golden soundbites, video, etc. I had already edited in my head during shooting, so I know approximately know where to go on-the-time line – for that choice excerpt. Forward, it takes hours as I manipulate each video frame-by-frame, interspersed with custom video effects, transitions, panning & more. Do this. Change that.

I pick & choose the right music bed – in my vast commercial-purchased video library. I comb through several dozens of songs & bits – for the right track.

Once music is chosen, I place it on the – edit bar of- my industry-level video production program. I then lay down my voice-over. I zoom in each minute audio frame and edit-out breaths. Clean up copy. Import new media. Redo. Playback. Revise. Lay down new Susan Stern voice-over tracks. Render. Examine. Revise again. Re-edit. Whew!

When all is said and done. I download to appropriate video sharing sites. Redo. Redit. Delete old. Download again. Perfect. I then draft keyword rich for SEO description, title and tags after extensive research & analysis involving competition search engine 1st page placement. This is the entire process. Stern PR™. Pre & post production.

As for Stern PR’s 2012 Video Debut, time invested maxed out at 60+ hours,” stresses Susan Stern, Stern PR™, Marketing Consultant Omaha. “I worked some overnights. Many, many hours. Eventually, I get to the point – where I just know the production is great. I publicize it!”

Susan Stern is so enthused. ” Gotta be candid. I got the ‘itis’. I think I am gonna immediately produce some – informative – Stern PR™ mini-videos, asap too.”

Stern PR™ offers the same enthusiastic commitment/passion for clients – corporate videos for websites, training, boardrooms, trade shows and for a sales pitch! “Like a reporter as I use to be, I research. Learn, the product/service of each client I represent. It’s not complicated, for me. In fact, I’ve impressed one client in particular, he tried to hire me as sales director. No thanks. Much appreciated. I’ll stick with marketing consulting. Anyhoo, back to the passion of Stern PR™, I then streamline a company’s image via corporate video – complete with an ear-soothing, eye-catching slogan & entire name-branding – on & offline.”

Expect the best. Stern PR™.
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